Steel wire ropes

A wide range of ropes with different designs, marking groups, lay
directions and possibilities, types of coatings.

For each business area, we have developed an industry-specific solution that includes:

  • Special ropes with improved performance and elongated lifespan
  • Related Services
  • Technical support


Downtime reducing
Equipment safety
Reduction of service costs


Magnetic-field test
Testing services
End sealing
Design and manufacture according to customer's request

Customer Services

The more accurately the rope is selected, the longer its lifespan.

Service center specialists help in the selection and maintenance of ropes on various equipment: from cranes to drilling rigs. When working with a new facility, we take into account such factors as: the scope and features of the equipment usage, operating conditions, regulatory documents.

  • Selection of rope and end sealings for specific conditions of use
  • Consultations on the features of the application, hanging and operation of ropes
  • Development of special rope designs
Engineering at the client's site
  • Technical support for ropes hanging
  • Rope running time monitoring and warranty period calculation
  • Training

Projects with our products

All projects

Severstal-metiz products are used at the largest construction and industrial facilities.

You can find all the information about our products in the uploaded catalogue. There you may become acquainted with detailed information on each product field, technical specifics of every product and our reference projects. If you cannot find your product of interest, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Product catalog

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