Severstal-metiz is a corporate group which consolidates metalware assets of Severstal company. It is ranked in the TOP-5 of the biggest European companies in its business segment and has the development strategy aimed at the achievement of shared corporate objectives of PAO Severstal.

The Severstal-metiz corporate group is an efficient enterprise aimed at the improvement of its business-processes, operating in niche segments with a high added value (markets, fields, products) and seeking to create unique value proposition through the best “product-service” offer.

Genesis of innovation

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Severstal-metiz by the numbers

Severstal-metiz group of companies is one of the largest in the industry.

>100 000

The number of items in the product line

508,5 $ million

Revenue for 2020

20% in 2020

Russian market share


Severstal-metiz was founded on July 1, 2004, as a management company for three manufacturing companies, namely ChSPZ (Steel Wire Plant, Cherepovets), OSPAZ (Steel Rolling Plant, Orel), and VolgoMetiz (Steel Wire and Rope Plant, Volgograd).