Severstal-metiz has expanded its order portfolio with new products for a wide range of industries

The companies of the Severstal-metiz Group have mastered the production of 197 new products. The experts focused on import substitution and quality. Specialists of the Severstal-metiz Cherepovets plant have mastered 76 new products. These are new types of calibrated rolled products with phosphate coating and special surface finishing, railway fasteners, wires made of low and high carbon grades of steels with zinc, zinc aluminum and paint coating. The company also expanded the range of shaped steel profiles of complex configurations made of special grades of steels. These products are used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, railway and infrastructure construction, and agriculture. Among the significant products, it is the CM sleeper kit patented by the company for heavy-duty tracks. These are reinforced concrete sleepers of a new design with a set of fasteners. The products are adapted for railways with high axial loads. Orel Steel Rolling Plant (OSPAZ) has developed and organized the production of 47 new products during 2023. For example it is a high-strength stud, which is used in the construction and installation of suspended structures. Another unique product, awarded the silver medal Metal Expo -2023, is a high-strength bolt with a semicircular or hexagonal head with an enlarged turnkey size for filling technological holes in metal structures. This fastener was developed by OSPAZ specialists specifically for the customer's requirements. In 2023, specialists of the UniFens focused on expanding the production of mesh fences and launching the production of non-standard metal structures. Among them: wickets, gates, street benches, as well as elements for landscaping. In the future, the company will continue to develop its product portfolio not only for large customers, but also to meet the needs of private housing, agriculture and landscaping. "The development of new types of products is not just an expansion of the range, but the key to the continuous development of the Severstal–metiz group of companies, the teams of our plants, as well as the basis for strong mutually beneficial relationships with customers and partners. Therefore, we are in constant dialogue with them and try to ensure that our products meet their requirements, as well as all industry and international quality standards. The development of new products and the search for new technological solutions directly affect the efficiency of production and the development of technological sovereignty of the country," comments Sergey Kovryakov, CEO of Severstal–metiz.