Denis Tavrikov

Sales Director of Severstal-metiz

Denis Tavrikov

Denis was born in Cherepovets on September 30, 1986.

He graduated with master’s engineering degree, specialty “Metallurgy” from the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

In 2009 Denis started his career at Severstal-metiz as a business development specialist. Several months later he transferred to the subsidiary company Teci Rus as a sales specialist.

In 2011 Denis became Executive Director of Moscow branch of Teci Rus, in 2014 he became Sales Director. On January 26, 2019 Denis was appointed to the position of CEO of Severstal Lifting Technologies (former Teci Rus).

On February 26, 2019 he was appointed to the position of Managing Director of Severstal Wire Ropes (wire rope division of Severstal-metiz).

On August 1, 2019 Denis became Sales Director of Severstal-metiz.